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ADDAC 802 VCA Quintet Mixing Console Eurorack Module (Black)


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Product Info

This module comes to update our previous ADDAC802 Audio Mixer


  • 5 Channel Mixer
  • 1 Master Output
  • External input into the Mix channel for daisy chaining.
  • 2 independent mixing paths, Solo and Mix
  • Mix Output includes a 6th VCA with Pre and Post outputs
  • Each of the 5 channels has:
    . VCA with initial Knob
    . Monitor LED
    . Independent output
    . Linear or logarithmic control
    . Solo/Off/Mix switch that routes their audio to the Solo Channel or the Mix channel. In Off position the VCA does not go to the outputs.

All 5 VCA’s can be used separately for different sources (audio or cv) or mix in 2 different chains.
. 1 Pre Master VCA output
. 1 Post Master VCA output
. 1 Solo output

Width: 12 hp
Depth: 55 mm
Power: +190mA/-150mA

Manufacturer product page here

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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