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Animal Factory Amplification Baron Samedi Eurorack Fuzz Module

£185.00 inc. UK VAT

£154.17 ex. VAT

Available on back-order

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Product Info

Not just a Eurorack version of the beloved Baron Samedi Fuzz Pedal, but a very versatile sound mangling unit in its own right.

After a lot of research, we gave up trying to figure out what exactly this module does. In the process of our investigations, however, we succeeded in making this module even wilder and weirder than it already was.

We know that it chirps, shrieks, growls, distorts, defecates, destroys and does other such wonderful things to whatever pristine sounds you sacrifice to it. Absolute chaos under your CV control. For those who are looking to open all the wrong sonic doors on their way to the afterlife, look no further.

Baron Samedi also features a Blend control for mixing wet and dry audio signals. Using a jumper on the circuit board, it is possible to invert the phase of the fuzz circuit.

Life, Death and Burial come equipped with CV inputs plus attenuators. The potentiometers of the latter parameters are bipolar and there are switches for quick (de)activation. With no control voltages patched, the CV channels still influence the sound character of the module. The behavior of the Death knob, for example, changes fundamentally depending on the position of the switch.

Weird, dirty noises can be generated simply by touching the tip of the cable connected to the baron’s audio input. – Great fun!

Width: 12hp
Depth: 30mm
Power: +12V 30mA, -12V 24mA
Manufacturer product page here.

Free Delivery for UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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