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CircuitMess Synthia DIY Kids Synthesizer (Age 11+)

£109.00 inc. UK VAT

£90.83 ex. VAT

In stock

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Product Info

Build,Solder and Code your own Synth

How Does It Work ?

  • Assemble Synthia with the help of our fun and clear instructions
  • Learn about components needed for digital sound production
  • Have fun playing pre-loaded music and making your own beats
  • Code your own custom apps

You’ll Learn About Hardware

  • Learn to solder and assemble your very own digital musical sampler
  • Learn about sound waves and how to synchrosize them with electronic circuitry
  • Learn about the electrical components needed for digital sound production

You’ll Learn About Software

  • Learn about Digital to Analog signal conversion
  • Learn about programming and how to code custom light shows for the built in LED grid
  • Learn how to edit sound recordings

Things you can do with your Synthia once assembled

  • Create your own funky beats with the preloaded music samples
  • Record your voice with the built in microphone
  • Add various EQ’s to the beats you have created
  • Design a custom light show for the 121 onboard LED’s
  • Code new functions for the implemented microcontroller

Manufacturer Product Page HERE

Free Delivery for UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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