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Doepfer A-101-3 Eurorack Vactrol Phase Shifter Module


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Product Info

The module A-101-3 is a 12-stage phase shifter that works with so-called Vactrols as phase-shifting elements. Vactrols are known for their soft and low-distortion sound. Unlike other phasers, the A-101-3 offers a number of features that are not available in this form with any other phaser. The basic difference is that the A-101-3 provides access to all inputs and outputs of the 12 phaser stages. Thanks to the free interconnection options for all inputs and outputs, completely new filters are possible that cannot be implemented in any other way. In particular, the possibility of freely patchable feedback loops (i.e. not only one, but several at the same time) within the 12 stages, combined with the possibility of positive or negative feedback with the help of the two polarizers leads to completely new filter types.

Width: 30hp
Depth: 65mm
Power: +50mA/-50mA
Manufacturer product page here.
Product manual here.

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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