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Intellijel Cascadia Semi Modular Desktop Synthesizer

£2,069.00 inc. UK VAT
£1,899.00 inc. UK VAT

£1,582.50 ex. VAT

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Product Info

Cascadia is a semi-modular synthesizer, meaning that many of its capabilities reveal themselves to the musician without the need to insert a single patch cable. Cascadia’s default signal path is well-conceived and deep. But for those willing to dive even deeper, a plethora of new sounds are possible when you start rerouting signals using the many available patch points. And to allow for the ultimate flexibility, these patch points conform to the Eurorack standard, meaning you can expand Cascadia’s capabilities through the use of external modules.

Cascadia leverages Intellijel’s long commitment to modular synthesis and coalesces it into a single package of sonic possibility. Whether used stand-alone or as part of a larger system, we at Intellijel believe this is the synth to bridge the past to the future; the novice to the pro; the desktop to the eurorack; and you to your musical goals.


  • Performance-oriented, “East and West” Coast modern analog semi-modular synthesizer
  • 101 jacks (plus 10 on rear), 34 sliders, 16 knobs, 28 switches, 36 leds and 5 push buttons
  • Two precision analog VCOs (VCOA has TZ-FM with INDEX VCA, PWM and SOFT/HARD sync options)
  • Eurorack compatible signal levels
  • Liquid-sounding, cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter with extensive modulation options and unique modes
  • ENV A: Versatile ADSR / AHDSR envelope generator with HOLD function and dynamic level/time control
  • ENV B: Complex, beat syncable, multimode function generator with Envelope, LFO, and Burst generator modes
  • Triple analog LFO with linked, divisible rates and CV control
  • Comprehensive and precise MIDI to CV and GATE implementation with additional synced/tapped LFO and CLOCK outputs
  • Six channel waveform mixer with asymmetric soft clipping
  • Extensive utility section that includes Noise, S&H, Envelope Follower, Attenuverter, Buff Mults, Summer, Inverters, and connection to a digital potentiometer based guitar pedal expression control interface.
  • Analog ring modulator
  • Parallel “West Coast” style wavefolder
  • Auxiliary VCA and 4-Pole Diode Ladder VCF combination for additional dynamics
  • External effect send/return loop with line or guitar pedal levels and wet/dry mix
  • Global output drive circuit with bypassable asymmetric soft clipping
  • Balanced 1/4″ line inputs and outputs plus a dedicated headphone output
  • Very Compact (fits in a backpack) and durable powder-coated enclosure with bespoke oak wood sides.
  • Comes with 14 assorted patch cables, USB-A to USB-C cable, and an international power supply.

Width: 51cm
Height: 28.5cm
Depth: 10cm
Weight: 2.64kg

Manufacturer product page here.
Product manual here.

Free Delivery for UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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