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Intellijel Plog Eurorack Logic Module


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Product Info

This module was primarily designed as an interesting tool to be used with sequencers. You can derive complex rhythmic sequences from basic sparse sources (e.g. from a simple gate sequence and clock), by adding CV control of the logic types via some kind of CV source like a triggered envelope, LFO or sequencer you produce even more complex results.


  • Dual 3-input logic blocks. Normalling allows for 2-input and 1-input logic modes.
  • Bi-polar voltage control of the logic types for section A and B with dedicated attenuators.
  • Toggle flipflop has a dedicated pushbutton for manual triggering of toggle state. Holding the trigger button enters tap tempo mode.
  • Toggle section can function as a clock divider, performing half and quarter divisions.
  • You can save or load the logic section as a preset for easy recall of patches.
  • Module can be run at audio rates in order to generate interesting digital sounds.


Width: 8 hp
Depth: 29 mm
Power: 55mA @ 12V 11mA @ -12V

Manufacturer product page here

Product manual here 

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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