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Intellijel VCO 1U Oscillator Eurorack Module


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Product Info

A triangle core, Syncable, Multi-Waveform Analog Oscillator & LFO in an extremely compact form factor.
Perfect as a utility modulation source but equally capable to be used as a primary sound source. Patch it up and let it rip!


– Four simultaneous pure waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square and Sawtooth
– Pitch input for 1V/Oct tracking and FM
– SYNC input for Hard Sync. This input has a comparator so that you can use a variety of waveforms as triggers.
– Switch to select VCO (audio) or LFO range of operation
– Three position Octave switch to jump pitch up or down by two octaves
– PITCH knob has three octave range in VCO mode (extended to seven with the octave switch) and – – seven octave range in LFO mode (extended to 11 with the octave switch).
– Bicolor led indicates the state of the triangle core rate

Width: 14HP
Depth: 38mm
Power: 19mA @ +12 / 16mA @ -12

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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