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Mutable Instruments Warps Eurorack Meta-Modulator Module


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Product Info

Evolved from the oscillator mixing section of Mutable Instruments’ desktop hybrid synths, Warps is designed to blend and combine two audio signals. A variety of wave-shaping and cross-modulation methods – some of them emulating classic analog circuits, some of them purely digital – are provided by the module.

With Mutable Instruments Warps, the cross-modulated sound can be sculpted with control voltages along 4 dimensions: by controlling the amplitude and distorting the input signals, by smoothly scanning through the collection of modulation algorithms, and by adjusting a timbre parameter controlling the brightness/harshness of the modulated signal.


  • 7 signal hybridization algorithms:
    • Crossfade.
    • Cross-folding.
    • Digital model of an analog diode ring-modulator.
    • Digital ring-modulation.
    • Bitwise XOR modulation.
    • Octaver/comparator.
    • 20 band-vocoder.
  • Everything under CV control
  • Audio input 1 can be replaced by an internal digital oscillator with through-zero FM.


Width: 10 hp
Depth: 25 mm
Power: +12V:110mA -12V:5mA

Manufacturer product page here

Product manual here

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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