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NANO Modules CAIXA 104 Eurorack Portable Powered Case (104hp)

£595.00 inc. UK VAT

£495.83 ex. VAT

KLARNA Finance now available (£250-£1K)

Available on back-order

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Product Info

CAIXA 104 is an advanced fully portable 104HP Eurorack Modular Case, with a wide range of utilities integrated on it. Connect up to 18 modules and carry it anywhere you go thanks to its handle.

We designed CAIXA 104 to provide a solid base for starting your modular journey and squeezing every centimeter of your system in case you’re already an experienced Eurorack-head.

7 integrated modules are included providing a selection of utilities that everyone usually needs to have in their modular synthesizer, like the Buffered Multiples, the Stereo Mixer or its 2 LFOs. We have also focused on improving connectivity with the integrated inputs and outputs.

18-slot busboard with reversed protection headers.

An efficient and reliable supply which is more than enough to provide plenty of power for a 104HP system (and more).
– +12V output at 1.25A
– -12V output at 1.1A
– +5V output at 0.5A

The maximum module depth above the busboard connectors is 47mm, but you can place modules up to 60mm outside of the busboard space. That should be sufficient to fit the vast majority of modules out there.

We know how hard it is to carry a modular system from one place to another, so we wanted to make it easy for you. The lightweight aluminium, together with the handle, make it super easy to take your modules with you. Weighs only 1.7 Kg!


  • Utility Modules
    • Balanced Inputs
    • Buffered Multiples
    • Precision Adder
    • 2 LFOs
    • Sample & Hold
    • Stereo Mixer
    • Stereo & Headphone Out
  • Power Specifications
    • 30.7W Integrated switching power supply with Meanwell 60W power brick.
    • +12V output at 1.25A
    • -12V output at 1.1A
    • +5V output at 0.5A
  • Construction
    • Dimensions: 535 x 200 x 86 mm
    • Materials: Anodized aluminum
    • Aluminium extruded rails with steel threaded inserts
    • Rubber feet to protect your desktop.
  • Depth
    • Maximum module depth: 47 mm inside busboard space, 60mm outside.

Manufacturer product page here.
Product manual here.

Free Delivery for UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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