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Oxi Instruments One Multitrack Performance Sequencer and Travel Case [B-Stock]

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£557.50 ex. VAT

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Product Info

*Customer returned as not quite to their liking. Item is in as new condition with carry case, cables and a full warranty*

The OXI Instruments One is their debut MIDI/CV sequencer with several unique modes, grid-based interaction, and a simple design that’s made for creativity. A set of four sequencers are at the heart of the OXI One and they can be routed to use either the MIDI connections or the eight available CV/gate outputs. The OXI One can also cast MIDI over Bluetooth, letting you connect wirelessly to your mobile device or computer.

Each of the four sequencers can be set up in a few different modes. Multi mode lets you nest up to 8 tracks inside of one sequencer, which is great for sequencing drums or monophonic lines—you could even program up to 32 tracks with all sequencers in this mode. Mono mode, on the other hand, gives you a monophonic channel with complete visualization of the melody. Poly mode is similar, with up to seven voices of polyphony and four MIDI CCs available. Chord mode is a unique way to sequence and create chord progressions that gives you notes on the left and chord modifiers for voicing, inversion, and type on the right. The last mode is a Stochastic mode that lets you create melodies and rhythms based on certain parameters you set — part generative, part randomized, yet completely influenced by you. OXI is constantly refining their design and updating their firmware and future updates will add additional modes.

OXI’s One introduces some clever ideas to make it the perfect standalone controller and centerpiece for generating interesting, fun-to-play compositions. There are loopers available on all tracks for performative or composerly purposes, as well as intelligent randomization of just about anything. You can store up to 15 projects with up to 16 patterns for all the sequencers, and a live arranger lets you visually chain patterns as well as arrange your music dynamically. Each of the Gate outputs aren’t limited to just gates, and can be configured to be envelopes, as well, freeing up your Eurorack modules for other things. A keyboard view can turn any sequencer into a playable instrument, and with the randomization parameters, you can dive deep for hours.


  • Battery powered, portable MIDI/CV sequencer
  • 4 Sequencers available simultaneously
  • 6 Modes: Multi, Mono, Poly, Chord, Stochastic, Matriceal
  • 8 CV/Gates outputs
  • Gate outputs can be configured as envelopes
  • Storage for 15 projects, up to 16 patterns for each sequencer
  • Zoom, edit, duplicate your patterns in all directions
  • 2 LFOs per sequencer with assignable destinations
  • 32 CCs of recording automation per step
  • HDMI Micro port for use with the Pipe expander
  • OLED display
  • Bluetooth MIDI capability
  • MIDI TRS in/out adapter included
  • USB C for power and MIDI
  • CV output voltage range: -3V–8V
  • Gate output range: 5V or 10V
  • 3.5mm Clock out
  • 3.5mm Clock/CV input (can be independent with splitter)

Free Delivery for UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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