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Plum Audio USB Link for Intellijel Case


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Product Info

Adapter to connect 1uO_c 4ROBOTS or any other module with back USB port to Intellijel case with USB port (Pallete / Performance).


Adapter only usable with Hemisphere firmware which makes it possible to use Hemisphere’s MIDI to CV option easily.

This version of o_c offers VOR support (Variable Outputs Range), this feature automatically select the correct offset for the outputs when application is loaded.
Unipolar (0v-10v) for envelopes
Bipolar (+/-5v) for LFO’s
And asymmetric (-3v to +7v) for sequencers and quantizers.

VOR makes 1uO_c to very powerful module because it addresses the compromise taken in the original design of the o_c which offers a uniform range of -3v to 6v for all applications (yes! Original ornament and crime can not fully open a VCA or provide truly bipolar LFO!)

1uO_c 4ROBOTS v2 (the current version) have jumper on the back to change between VOR or Non VOR modes.
When changing this jumper recalibration is required (calibration is a half-hour process that requires the use of a multimeter).

How to use:
1. Connect one end of the supplied gray ribbon cable to the 10 pins USB / MIDI port inside your Intellijel case (if you are unsure please check the user manual of your Intellijel case).

2. Connect the other end of the supplied gray ribbon cable to the adapter.

3. Use USB cable to connect the adapter to the desired module (the supplied cable will fit 1uO_c 4ROBOTS USB port on the back of the module).

* 5v Jumper:
Some adapters are supplied with a 5v jumper, when this jumper is closed (connected to the 2 pins) the power from the USB is passed on to the module connected to the adapter.
When using with 1uO_c 4ROBOTS this jumper should be left open.
If you use the adapter for another module, please check the user manual of this module if USB power is required.

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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