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Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole Eurorack Filter Module (Black)


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Product Info

The Stereo Dipole is a Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs.

Designed to be clean or characterful, the Stereo Dipole is not intended on achieving any one type of sound. From clean frequency based panning to complex phasing and formant synthesis and over-driven squelchy bass lines, Stereo Dipole offers an environment which is simple enough to use, while providing the versatility to push your sounds into unknown territory…


  • Comprised of two identical filter sections that can be used independently
  • Left and Right Channels feature Single Peak POLE and Dual Peak DIPOLE outputs.
  • High Pass, Low Pass and Band Pass outputs are individual
  • Series and Parallel combinations
  • FREQ controls the Cutoff of both the Primary and Secondary VCF
  • DIPOLE AB is a Quad Peak Monophonic Output
  • Pre-Filter Input DRIVE Control on each channel
  • Self-Oscillation across the entire bandwidth of 20+ Octaves
  • All VCF cores Track 1V/OCT and Temperature Compensated.
  • Individual and Stereo Control Voltage inputs include Attenuators
  • RGB LED indication for Cutoff Frequency and Resonance Position.

Width: 20hp
Depth: 23mm
Power: +/-150mA

Manufacturer product page here
Product manual here

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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