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Steady State Fate Triptych Eurorack Filter, Flanger and Distortion Module


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Product Info

TRIPTYCH was imagined through hands-on practice – the discovery of a unique chain of three devices generating sounds of incomparable timbral character, and an affinity for compact modules with an all-analogue signal path. Already enthusiasts of the craftsmanship of New York-based hardware producer Steady State Fate, Boys Noize and Baseck invited SSF designer Andrew Morelli to collaborate on BII’s first module. The newly formed trio’s combined knowledge and uncompromising attention to detail resulted in a bespoke, completely integrated module that surpassed expectations: Distortion (3x), Flange/Comb, and Filter, with all paths internally re-routable. TRIPTYCH was born.


  • High gain Input VCA with transistor saturation/overdrive. CV Input.
  • Multimode VCF with voltage controlled cutoff and resonance capable of self-oscillation and tracking 1V/octave. Selectable Low-pass, Band-pass and High-pass filter modes. Filter can be routed before or after the distortion and BBD sub-sections.
  • Multimode Distortion featuring two unique voltage controllable distortion types –designed to create additional waveform peaks and harmonics for resonation.
  • Resonant BBD exhibiting fast delays, flanging and comb-filtering effects. Voltage controlled clock and range select. Voltage controlled regeneration and feedback type. Voltage controlled wet/dry mixer.
  • Distortion and Comb sections can be re-routed into one another.
  • High gain Output VCA with CV Input.

Width: 14hp
Power: +119mA, -95mA

Manufacturer product page here.
Product manual here.

Free Delivery on UK orders over £99

Terms and conditions apply

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